Ty Calahan

Senior Spotlight: Ty Callahan

         Ty Michael Callahan is a nineteen-year-old student at Temple Christian High School. He has attended Temple for his entire academic career and has been an excellent student, athlete, and leader. Ty was born on March 27th, 1998 and he has two little siblings, Morgan and Landon.

         Ty serves on the Temple Christian Praise Band as the lead drummer and is also involved in a jazz production in May. In addition to Praise Band, Ty will participate in the 2017 musical, Hello Dolly. He is a waiter in the musical and has had countless hours of practice dancing and singing for the production.

         Ty is also an extremely talented video editor and has run his own youtube channel for about a year, gaining quite the following. His videos are fun and inspiring, and he plans to continue his passion for the field by majoring in film editing. Not only does he edit videos, but he can be found skateboarding at the local skatepark. Ty said, “Skating is something that I recently got into, and I love the creativity and imagination you can bring to it!”

        Athletically, Ty has been nothing short of impressive. He was on the golf team that won a league championship, a sectional championship, and almost went to state! Ty has golfed for years with his dad and enjoyed the relaxed and laid back nature of it. On the basketball court, he is a dominant force in the paint, gobbling up rebounds and blocking shots. Ty had a great senior season of basketball, helping his team win a tournament game and collecting a double-double in his final game. At his basketball sports banquet, Coach Bowman talked about how consistent, fun, and hardworking Ty was as a player. “An absolute joy to coach,” said Mr. Bowman.

       Congratulations to Ty as he is wrapping up this chapter in his life and wish him the best as he continues in his future endeavors! As one of his favorite scriptures says, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” This verse will surely hold true in Ty’s life as he ventures onward after Temple. Blessings!