Hats Off to “Hello, Dolly!”

          For the first time since 2014, Temple Christian School is excited to present a musical done by high and middle school students from the TCS Drama Department. Directed by Mrs. Julie Crawford and Mr. Wendell Hill with music taught by Mrs. Valeri Brokaw, who also conducts a special live orchestra, is the comical show now in revival on Broadway, Hello, Dolly! Showtimes are April 6-8 at 7:00 p.m. in the high school gymnasium with meals available to purchase beforehand on Friday and Saturday nights for $8 in the fellowship hall. Tickets to see the show are at the TCS High School Office for $7. During intermission, guests can view the 15th Annual Art Show organized by TCS art teacher Beverly Phillips with various pieces on display in the front hallway.

         Senior Kaitlyn Sutton plays the lead, Dolly Levi, a widowed matchmaker who’s looking to get remarried to the widowed half-a-billionaire Horace Vandergelder (sophomore Brody Bowman), who owns a hay and feed store in Yonkers, New York and looks to Dolly for help finding a new wife. Meanwhile, His naive sales clerks Cornelius Hackl (junior Ethan DeLeon) and Barnaby Tucker (senior Judah Whitman) decide to sneak away on an adventure to New York City. There they met milliners Irene Molloy (senior Kierstin Kirkendall) and Minnie Fay (senior Abigail Durst) whom they take on a date to the elegant Harmonia Gardens Restaurant ran by the proper Rudolph Reisenweber (senior Nathaniel White) where Horace’s niece, the emotional Ermengarde and her love, the artist Ambrose Kemper are also dining.

      Thirty-four cast members including middle and high school students from grades six-twelve have made this show possible. Auditions began early January and practices have occurred weekly since, accumulating to several hard hours of dedication. With help from LBT’s Carol Burton on keys, an eleven-piece orchestra of community members, wardrobe by Joyce Johnston and Becky Shenk, much construction by Brad Crawford and stage crew members, including freshman Lydia Bassett, it is a heavily involved event. Two backdrops, elaborate platform transportable storefronts, and period costumes draw the audience into a story worth hearing.

        When asked how she’s enjoyed participating in directing the choir of her first musical here at TCS, Mrs. Valeri Brokaw shared “It’s been a thrill to watch the students learn the music to such a major musical. And the gifted orchestra members we have playing for us now are great musicians who have been really fun to work with. The entire experience has been a real blessing.” Kaitlyn Sutton has also enjoyed her role and shared, “It’s been a blast! This musical has allowed me the opportunity to work with people I haven’t been as close with and create memorable bonding experiences. I just think it’s really cool to present all you have learned and show the crowd the character you’ve worked on for months to create.” Thank you to all the generous sponsors and everyone who has impacted Temple’s Drama Department. We hope you all enjoy this fantastic show!