Varsity Baseball 2017

TCS Varsity Baseball

TCS Baseball

        The TCS Pioneers baseball team had their first game on Tuesday, April 4th. Temple gave a hard fight against the Riverside Pirates, but couldn’t come out on top. I asked Paul Holloway about the game and he replied with, “We played well but we had a really tough second inning, It was difficult for our first game because we haven’t had much time on the field and it was colder and more muddy than we were used to, even though we lost we were still very positive and kept our Christian attitudes”. Temple may not have won their first game, but they were still certain to give all the glory to God. The team got back up and continued to practice harder than before; the team is practicing every weekday Monday through Friday from 3:30 to 5:30. They have been practicing with: batting, pitching, catching and situational training.

          There are fourteen players on the team, two Freshman, four Sophomores, two Juniors, and six seniors. The Freshmen are Justin Andrews and Jacob Holloway. Sophomores are John Acklin, Brody Bowman, Coy Motter, and Dawson Draper. Juniors are Paul Holloway and Noah Howell. Lastly, the Seniors are Ty Callahan, Adrian Williams, Micah Craig, Rylan Ward, Seth Hohlbein and Nathaniel White. The starters are Micah Craig at Leftfield, Adrian Williams in center field, John Acklin plays right field, Jacob Holloway at third base, Paul Holloway at second base, Noah Howell at the pitcher’s mound as well as shortstop and catcher, Seth Hohlbein pitches and plays second base and shortstop, Brody Bowman pitches and catches, and Ty Callahan plays first base.

           Currently, the baseball team is 4-11. While the weather has not been the best, the team is still practicing hard! Last Thursday, April 27th, was Senior Night with all six seniors being recognized. The tournament game will be held on Tuesday against Perry at Perry starting 5:00. Good luck on the rest of your season!