Varsity Track

2017 Varsity Track and Field

Track season has had a running start. Temple Christian’s Track team consists of one senior, Maddi Yingst, and five juniors, Maddi Crawford, Olivia Lugibihl, Oscar Rojo, Heather Goliver and Cameron Worsham. Maddi Yingst has been doing track for six years and plans on making running her career, she is currently planning on going to Ashland University next fall.  Yingst is in track because she loves to run hurdles and she’s good at it. She says, “One of the best feelings that I get is the split moment when I’m in the air over a hurdle. It feels like I’m flying in zero gravity.” Maddi has gone undefeated in the regular season, two years in a row. She says it is the best feeling in the world knowing that she accomplished something so huge. Three things Maddi does to prevent injuries is 1) Always making sure I’m good and stretched out, 2) wearing warm clothes when it’s cold to prevent muscle strain 3) and drinking lots of milk and taking vitamin D. Maddi stays motivated by, listing all the people that have been there with her through all of this and then she makes it her mission to run for them. When ask how Maddi has invested her knowledge from track she says, “I have started helping with the K-6th program that the school started this year. It’s a lot of fun being able to teach the younger kids about something that I love so much”.  Yingst says she would like track to be year round because, “Track is my all time favorite and it would be so amazing to do it all year. Plus indoor track is super fun.” 

            Olivia Lugibihl has been doing track for five years and has been considering doing track for college. When asked about what she would do differently if she was the coach she said, “I’m with Maddi on this one for making sure we have access to a track because practicing on concrete and uneven grass is just waiting for an injury to happen.” She says one of the best feelings she gets from track is the adrenalin rush she gets when she stands at the blocks. Lugibihl said receiving first place was a shocked, “When I got first place, but it felt good because I knew the practice was paying off. It feels even more amazing when it results in a new personal record. The reason I am in track is because growing up I always was fast, so I decided to try track. I really enjoyed it and stuck with it.” To stay motivated she reminds herself that she has made it this far, and in the end, it’s not about her but the glory God can receive through her using the gifts he has provided her with. 

Maddi Crawford has been running track for five years. The best feeling that she described was mainly when the race is over. It gives you a sense of accomplishment. Also the adrenaline rush. When asked about track being all year round she said, “Maybe, maybe not. It is more laid back and fun than other sports for me, but it is still challenging but in a good way.” The reason Crawford is in track is that she thinks it is fun and it keeps her in shape for other sports. Maddi stays stretched out and stays warm to prevent injuries. One way Maddi stays motivated is to close her eyes and imagine how amazing it will feel once it is over. 

Cameron Worsham has been running track for two years and can possibly see himself going to college and making a career out of track. If Worsham was the coach he would change anything about the practices but he would get ice cream after every meet. The best feeling for Worsham is to him it is whenever you have the perfect run or jump, when you know you killed it. The reason Cameron is in track is because he would be wasting himself if he wasn’t. When asked what Cameron does to prevent injuries he says, “I don’t do anything I just run. It’s just running you know.” One way Cameron stays motivated is to bribe himself with peanut M&M’s at the end of the track meet. Cameron says, “I don’t do too much  investing. I’m more of the receiver of the investments. Shout out to Maddi C.”

Heather Goliver has done track for one year. The best thing Goliver has felt during her track season is beating a school record and getting her name on the board in the gym. The reason Heather is in track is because she promised Maddi she would. Three things Goliver does to warm up is 1) she stretches 2) she does a warm up run 3) and she drinks milk to make her bones strong. The way she stays motivated is she runs so the coach doesn’t yell at her.

Oscar Rojo has been doing track for one year and is an exchange student from Spain. To Rojo, the best feeling is when you finish the race, you are happy with the time you got and that you feel that you did all that you could. Oscar has never gotten first place for a race in America but in Spain he has won two 5k’s. When asked why he runs he says, “I love running even though I’m not good.” Things he does to prevent injuries is stretch a lot and make sure he is warm during meets. Rojo uses his goals to stay motivated, he thinks about achieving the goals.