Marc Dominguez

Meet Marc Dominguez

Marc Dominguez is a junior foreign exchange student from Spain this year. He likes to play basketball, tennis, and the bass guitar. His favorite food is “paella,” a Spanish dish similar to pasta. Marc’s favorite color is green. He loves rock and roll music. He wanted to learn in another country because he thinks it’s the best way to build character and overcome difficulties; he says it’s a personal challenge. He chose America specifically because, “It is the best country in the world, and I wanted to learn more about the amazing country and its people.” His favorite subject is science, and he plans to play basketball, track, and baseball for Temple. After high school, he plans to attend college in Spain, but hopes to spend his senior year in America. He hopes to become an investigator or a science professor after college. He says some differences between his country and the United States are the food and the importance of religion. He says his King’s Island visit was his favorite part about America so far. His goals for this year are to get good grades, play basketball, and spend time with his new friends. He says the tourist attractions in his country are La Sagrada Familia, Garrotxa’s Volcanoes, and El Parc Guell. Outside of these things, Marc says there is “nothing special” about Spain.