See You at the Pole

See You at the Pole

By: Ethan Kramer

The 2017 See You at the pole had a fairly large turnout this year. I asked See You at the Pole Praise Band leader, Alexis Waters, about the turnout at this year’s See you at the Pole, and she replied with, “It was better than last year. I was glad to see more of the high school there than last years. That was nice. We played two songs. We played ‘Set a fire’ and ‘10,000 reasons.’” I asked her if See You at the Pole has an impact on Lima, and she said, “Absolutely, because I think that when the people drive by and see us, it is a witness because they see us united for a purpose, see us promoting our country, they can see what we stand for.”

I wanted to know more about what was prayed about at this event, so I talked to Brody Bowman. “I prayed for the city and I just prayed for revival of the city and the hearts of the people and the city’s leaders to make wise decisions,” he told me. I asked him what his favorite part of the event was, and he told me, “It’s hard to pick a best part, but I liked the fact that the student body joined together and gets to see the power of prayer. It’s cool that everyone could pray together. I liked the togetherness.” I asked him if this event had an impact on the community and he replied with, “Well, there is power in prayer.”

The last person I interviewed was an attendee of See You at the Pole. I asked him if it had a large impact on himself personally, and his response to me was, “It was cool to see our students gather together and to pray for our nation and our community.” It is clear that See You at the Pole had an impact on the people who attended, and these people will spread that joy into the Lima community