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Has the student ever needed to repeated a grade?
Has the student ever been suspended, expelled, or had disciplinary challenges in school?

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Applying for EdChoice Scholarship?

If you meet certain conditions, you may be eligibile to apply for the EdChoice Scholarship.  

Do you need Bus transportation? (if available)

Bus transportaion may be available in your district. Please indicate below if you are interested.  

Does the student have siblings at TCS?

We are excited about your interest in Temple Christian School. Please provide us a brief description of why you have chosen TCS.

  If you were referred by a TCS family, please let us know who that is.

All information provided on your application is private and confidential.

Why Do We Ask for SSN?

Providing your SSN is voluntary, but can be helpful particularly when applying for financial assistance such as EdChoice or FAST. Having your SSN on file allows us to assist you in completing scholarship applications. If you choose not to provide your SSN, it will not negatively impact your application.

What is EdChoice?

The Educational Choice Scholarship (EdChoice) Program, allows students from underperforming public school districts the opportunity to attend a select private school like Temple Christian School. Visit the Ohio Department of Education website for more information.

Bus Transportation

Some school districts may provide bus transportation to and from school. This can depend on a number of factors outside the control of TCS. Some districts who have provided transportation to students in the past have included Elida, Lima City, Bath, Shawnee, and Spencerville.