Hats Off to “Hello, Dolly!”

          For the first time since 2014, Temple Christian School is excited to present a musical done by high and middle school students from the TCS Drama Department. Directed by Mrs. Julie Crawford and Mr. Wendell Hill with music taught by Mrs. Valeri Brokaw, who also conducts a special live orchestra, is the comical show now in revival on Broadway, Hello, Dolly! Showtimes are April 6-8 at 7:00 p.m. in the high school gymnasium with meals available to purchase beforehand on Friday and Saturday nights for $8 in the fellowship hall. Tickets to see the show are at the TCS High School Office for $7. During intermission, guests can view the 15th Annual Art Show organized by TCS art teacher Beverly Phillips with various pieces on display in the front hallway.

         Senior Kaitlyn Sutton plays the lead, Dolly Levi, a widowed matchmaker who’s looking to get remarried to the widowed half-a-billionaire Horace Vandergelder (sophomore Brody Bowman), who owns a hay and feed store in Yonkers, New York and looks to Dolly for help finding a new wife. Meanwhile, His naive sales clerks Cornelius Hackl (junior Ethan DeLeon) and Barnaby Tucker (senior Judah Whitman) decide to sneak away on an adventure to New York City. There they met milliners Irene Molloy (senior Kierstin Kirkendall) and Minnie Fay (senior Abigail Durst) whom they take on a date to the elegant Harmonia Gardens Restaurant ran by the proper Rudolph Reisenweber (senior Nathaniel White) where Horace’s niece, the emotional Ermengarde and her love, the artist Ambrose Kemper are also dining.

      Thirty-four cast members including middle and high school students from grades six-twelve have made this show possible. Auditions began early January and practices have occurred weekly since, accumulating to several hard hours of dedication. With help from LBT’s Carol Burton on keys, an eleven-piece orchestra of community members, wardrobe by Joyce Johnston and Becky Shenk, much construction by Brad Crawford and stage crew members, including freshman Lydia Bassett, it is a heavily involved event. Two backdrops, elaborate platform transportable storefronts, and period costumes draw the audience into a story worth hearing.

        When asked how she’s enjoyed participating in directing the choir of her first musical here at TCS, Mrs. Valeri Brokaw shared “It’s been a thrill to watch the students learn the music to such a major musical. And the gifted orchestra members we have playing for us now are great musicians who have been really fun to work with. The entire experience has been a real blessing.” Kaitlyn Sutton has also enjoyed her role and shared, “It’s been a blast! This musical has allowed me the opportunity to work with people I haven’t been as close with and create memorable bonding experiences. I just think it’s really cool to present all you have learned and show the crowd the character you’ve worked on for months to create.” Thank you to all the generous sponsors and everyone who has impacted Temple’s Drama Department. We hope you all enjoy this fantastic show!

TCS Pep Band 2017

Pep Band 2017

I remember coming to the basketball games and seeing the Pep Band play and seeing how it pumped the crowd up. It was part of the reason I wanted to join the band as a member. Pep Band has been a long tradition here at Temple. Though the band teachers here at Temple have come and gone, Pep Band has remained a big part of the basketball games. It’s always been a fun way to participate at the basketball games for the students who don’t play the sport. From the opening “Eye of the Tiger,” to the beloved “Hey Song,” pep band has made a name for itself at Temple Christian.  It is a fun way to include everyone at the games.

“I enjoy playing in pep band because it gives me the chance to express my love for music while also hanging out with my friends,” said junior Paul Holloway. Having personally gone through the program, it is definitely a tradition I would like to be passed on for years to come.

Not only is it fun, but it also creates a laid back atmosphere for students to enjoy playing their instruments and to try challenging music. It is fun to see the students grow in their musical abilities. Over the years, you can watch younger students mature in their musicianship and become a leader in the games. For a small private school, there aren’t big opportunities like marching band and large competitions to compete in, so this creates an opportunity that encourages students in the art of music.

Our band teacher, Mrs. Brokaw has worked hard with our band to continue to progress and get better. “Pep Band is really fun. I think it adds a lot to the atmosphere of the game, and I really appreciate the students who’ve been contributing to it” Brokaw stated. I would encourage any student considering playing in Pep Band to join the fun and create the classic Temple spirit atmosphere at the basketball games.

TCS Choir

Fall Band and Choir Concert

On Monday, October 24, 2016, was the 2016 Fall Band and Choir Concert. Under the direction of Mrs. Valeri Brokaw for the first time, all of the middle school and high school bands and choirs performed starting with the sixth-grade band. The sixth-grade band played “Crown of Majesty” by Robert Sheldon and “Rock the House” by Brian Balmages. The middle school choir with Mrs. Kim High playing the piano sang “Alleluia Canon” written by W.A. Mozart, arr. Donald Moore and “Awesome God” by Rich Mullins. The middle school band played “Regal March” written by Bruce Pearson & Chuck Elledge and also played “The Tempest” by Robert W. Smith.

During the last part of the concert the High School Band and Choir performed. The High School Choir, accompanied by Mrs. High playing the piano sang “Only Hope” by Jonathan Foreman, arr. Ed Lojeski and “Elijah Rock” by Howard Shore, arr. Ralph Ford. Last but not least the night ended with the High School Praise Team singing “In the River” by Quilala/Schoolmeesters /Silverberg/Williams and “When You Walk into the Room” by Katie & Bryan Torwalt. The High School band played “Fire Dance” by David Shaffer and “Highlights from Lord of the Rings” by Howard Shore, arr. Ralph Ford. Mrs. Brokaw was very happy with the performance and stated, “It was fun to put together the music for the Fall Concert. The students at every level worked hard, and I was pleased with the way they remembered the things we’d worked on. It’s all about using the gifts God has given us to honor Him and bless others. I hope we did that!”


Temple Band Students Perform at Spring Concert

By Kara Brown

Originally Published: May 7, 2013

Temple Christian had their annual Spring Band Concert on Tuesday night, April 30, 2013, in the LBT auditorium. All the band students in grades 5 through 12 participated in playing their pieces chosen by the band director, Mr. Dennis Crites.

The night started off with prayer by 5th grader Malachi White followed by the 5th graders performing “Crown of Majesty” by Robert Sheldon, “Rock the House” by Brian Balmages, and “On Caribbean Shores (Mary Ann)” also arranged by Sheldon.

The evening continued with the 6th grade band.  They played “Little Swallow Chinese Folk Song” arranged by Robert Sheldon and were accompanied by two of Temple’s foreign exchange students from China, Yi Taimo (Ink) and Wei Haonan (Nancy).

The junior high band performed three pieces together, “The Tempest” composed by Robert Smith, “One Small Step for Man” by Rob Grice, and “The Pioneers” by Robert Sheldon.

Mr. Crites said that one of his favorite pieces was “The Pioneers” because it represents the school.

Earlier this semester, a few of the junior high band students performed in a contest called Solo/Ensemble. They received pins for their performance in Solo/Ensemble. Then the group, designated by Mr. Crites as “3 x 7”, made up of three seventh graders, Levi Shenk, Alexis Waters, and Seth Ward, performed their Solo/Ensemble piece “Just Around the Block” composed by Chris Crockarell.

Last but not least, the high school band performed four pieces. The first piece played was “Ascentium” by Ed Huckaby. This piece was originally performed for Ohio Music Educator’s Association District 3, a large group adjudication where the high school performed earlier this year. Also performed at this contest was “Celtic Voyage” by Melanie Donahue. The high school band continued entertaining the audience with “Chant and Savage Dance” by Brian Balmages and “Sky Dance” by Richard L. Saucedo.

Another one of Mr. Crites’ favorite pieces was “Sky Dance”. He commented, “I think this piece represents where I want to see the band go.”

Sophomore Kelsey Kirkendall stated, “I thought the concert went really well. I especially liked the part in ‘Chant and Savage Dance’ where the audience started clapping in the middle of the song.”

In addition, the high school students who went to Solo/Ensemble were recognized for their great ratings. Senior Natalie Johnston received the John Philip Sousa Award, given to one high school student per school who shows superior musicianship, dependability, loyalty, and cooperation.

Johnston commented, “I was very happy to receive the John Philip Sousa Award.”

Band member Alayna DeLeon summed up the evening by stating, “The concert last night was a great opportunity to show off what we have been working on all year. I personally felt like all our hard work paid off.