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2019 Orientation and Summer Packet Information

Hello TCS families! We hope you have had a wonderful summer. We have been busy getting ready for another great school year. We look forward to seeing everyone soon! Please mark the important dates below on your calendar.  Also, please see our summer packet attachment. Thanks and have a great day.

August 19 & 21 — Early Computer and Schedule Pick-Up dates for Middle School & High School students
  • H.S. office open from 12 p.m.- 3:00 p.m. for M.S./H.S. students who want to pick up computers and schedules before Orientation night. 
  • Returning students who pick up their schedules and computers early do not need to attend the Orientation event on August 22nd
  • Schedules will also be made available online the week of August 19th.
  • We invite you to use these early dates to make any necessary schedule changes.
August 22 — New Student Orientation, Elementary Open House, M.S./H.S. School Computer/Schedule Pick-up
  • Please keep in mind that the orientation meetings at 6:00 P.M. are only for new students/families.
  • Returning students/families should not arrive until 6:30 P.M.  Middle School and High School students who pick up their computers and schedules on August 19th or August 21st do not need to attend this event.
  • Elem. New Student Orientation    6:00 (LBT Auditorium) – New students/parents
  • MS/HS New Student Orientation  6:00  (H.S. Lunchroom) – New students/parents & all 6th graders
  • Elementary Open House               6:30   (Elementary building) – All Elementary students
  • M.S. Schedules & Computers        6:30 (M.S./H.S. Building) – Middle School students
  • H.S. Schedules & Computers        7:00  (M.S./H.S. Building) – High School students
August 26 — First Day of School

Download the summer packet by following this link: 2019-2020 Summer Packet

Please review the packet which includes our 2019-20 calendar, supply lists and medical forms.  There is a checklist for new and returning students that will help you to make sure all paperwork is complete before school starts.  

Thanks!  See you all soon!

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