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TCS Spring 2018 Youth Track & Field Registration

Below you will find the information for the 2018 Youth Track and Field season; last year was our 1st year for the program and I personally want to thank Mrs. Kinnear for leading the charge last spring for our inaugural year of Youth Track she did an amazing job working with our students and getting this program started on the right foot.

Youth Track and Field Registration & Information

As we embark on our 2nd year of Youth track we do have a need for volunteers. Based on our Spring sports survey we are going to have a wonderful turnout of students ready for a fun spring track season but we are in need of a few people as is detailed in the informational page.

Please note that all of of youth sports will be going to the online system of registration using the following web address which we have already used for other youth sports programs. ( If you have questions about the Youth Track program please email (

Thank you for your participation in TCS Youth Track and Field.

-Mr. McPheron

Please note: There was simply not quite enough students in the elementary grade levels to field TCS Baseball teams. There are several local youth sports organizations (Elida, Lima, etc.) available for players to join up with and play baseball this spring; we plan to continue to offer baseball at the 9-12th grade level.


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