Dear Parents and Athletes,

On Thursday, May 21, 2020, Governor DeWine’s office and the Ohio High School Athletic Association announced the responsible re-opening of athletics in Ohio. These announcements permit the re-opening of school athletic facilities (at the discretion of individual schools) as well as individual skill training of student-athletes. We are excited that our student athletes will soon be able to resume participation in extra-curricular activities.

We have received mandates, recommendations, and guidance from the Governor’s Office, the Ohio Department of Health, and the OHSAA in regards to ensuring the safest “return to play” possible for our student-athletes and coaches.

We have attached a document that details the policies and procedures for a safe return to play for our student-athletes. We appreciate your cooperation with our stated policies and procedures as we endeavor to resume skill workouts. Please keep in mind that skill workouts will respect “6 foot” social distancing requirements. There will be no scrimmages, games, or physical contact until those things are approved by the Governor’s office, Ohio Department of Health, and the OHSAA.

All participation in workouts is voluntary. If student-athletes don’t feel safe or comfortable attending, they are free to stay home. Our coaches will be in contact with student-athletes regarding specific sport plans. We sincerely appreciate everyone’s patience as we work through these unprecedented times. We look forward to getting back to work with our Pioneer athletes!


Bruce Bowman


B.J. McPheron

Athletic Director

The following health and safety policies will guide TCS athletics due to the current COVID-19 pandemic. Policies and procedures were developed under the guidance and direction of the NFHS and the OHSAA.

June 1 through TBD

  1. TCS campus and athletic facilities will be open provided there is immediate oversight by a TCS hired/paid coach or hired/paid assistant coach.
  2. Coaches will complete a required log book detailing whether students have any Covid19 symptoms or temperature. Players will answer Health/Covid 19 questions and have temperature taken. Those with Covid-19 symptoms or a temperature over 100.4 will be required to leave.
  3. Players and coaches should wash hands before AND after each skill session and use provided hand sanitizers frequently during skills sessions.
  4. No Parents or spectators should enter the facility. Workout sessions are for players and coaches only.
  5. Coaches will be focusing on skill development. Scrimmages, contact drills, etc. are prohibited. a. Any sessions that are running concurrently should have a minimum of 15 minutes in-between sessions.
  6. There will be a limit of 10 people in the gym. This includes all coaches and players.
  7. All players and coaches should maintain “6 foot” social distancing at all times. Contact should be avoided at all times. (No “high fives”, no rebounding for each other, no scrimmages, no games, no one on one drills, etc.)
  8. Nothing should be shared between athletes. (Clothing, towels, equipment)
  9. Locker rooms are closed. Students should use the junior high restrooms by entrance. Therefore, athletes should arrive dressed and prepared so that the locker room is not needed.
  10. Coaches will distribute/use the minimum amount of balls/equipment needed. Coaches should avoid contact with players and should avoid sharing equipment with players. All balls/equipment used should be wiped down at beginning and end of each skill session. Players should continue to use the same equipment through the session.
  11. All in attendance should practice “6 foot” social distancing during all instructional activities as well as before and after the activities.
  12. Drinking fountains are closed. Athletes should bring their own personal water bottle (with name on it).
  13. Participation in workouts is voluntary. If athletes don’t feel safe or comfortable attending, they are free to stay home.

Temple Christian Athletic Return to Play Policy - June 2020.pdf