“Temple Christian School has been an answer to our prayers.  As parents, we are entrusted with one of God’s greatest gifts…..children.  And when our children become of school age, we in turn have to entrust them to teachers to help form their minds.  At Temple, we can take comfort in the fact that our children are in the hands of dedicated Christian teachers who not only help form their minds, but their hearts as well.  The education years are critical and formative and we have found that the curriculum and mission of TCS is in line and supportive of our family’s values and priorities.  God is not hidden from the children in their studies, but rather, He is promoted and shown to be our Creator and Father.  Not only are my children receiving a solid education in all of the fundamentals, they are also growing in character and faith.  The TCS environment is not only caring and nurturing, it is structured in such a way that every child is seen and heard and ethical and moral expectations are in place.  I remember walking through the hall one day and students were saying “Good morning Sir” and holding doors for me!  I knew that my children were in the right place!  Temple is now an important part of my family and we sincerely feel that we are an important part of Temple.  Temple Christian School has afforded us comfort and confidence in our children’s education.  Thank you and God Bless.”
The Najmulski Family

“Temple Christian School is helping me shape and mold my children in the nurture and admonition of Christ.  I trust the teachers at this school to partner with me concerning the most precious thing God gave me.  The old saying is true, “It takes a Tribe to raise a child. “ Temple teachers help to grow, develop and to identify my children’s gifting’s and calling for the Kingdom, as well as teach them Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic.  The word of God says, “Go into all the world and preach the Gospel!”  In order to do this my children need to be equipped and knowledgeable, not only in the Word of God, but also in the things of this world in order to speak so people will listen, in order to live life as an example of Christ, and draw all men unto him.  I am grateful that God has given us such a great school and so much help!  This is why WE are Temple!”
The Waters Family

“Temple Christian School has been a blessing to us. We have been a part of the Temple family for many years. I was fortunate enough to attend temple in its first four years and my husband is a 1985 graduate. We have chosen to send our three children to TCS first and foremost because it offers an education that focuses on a Biblical Worldview. In addition to that, the teachers and the coaches are as much concerned about the character of each student as they are their education or their sport. If that is not enough, and to me it is, the technological opportunities are remarkable and continue to advance every year. My oldest is in his thirteenth year at Temple and my others have alternated from being home-educated to attending school full time. As Parents, we are given the responsibility to teach our children and even though the manner in which we do this is a personal decision, I can easily recommend Temple to help with the task.”
The Zwiebel Family