National Honor Society


NHS at Temple Christian School

The 2020-2021 academic year will mark the seventh year for the Temple Christian School Chapter of the National Honor Society.

The purpose of this chapter shall be to create enthusiasm for service, for high academic achievement, to stimulate a desire for community involvement and leadership and to encourage impeccable character within the student body.


Faculty Advisor: Dianne Cooper

TCS Honor Society By-Laws
Official Honor Society Application


Student Leadership and Members

Grace Smith – President
Allison Durst – Vice President
Aubree Linhart – Secretary/Treasurer

Lydia Bassett

Allison Durst

Aubree Linhart

Anthony Mayer

Hunter Reprogle

Grace Smith

Past Members

2019 Graduates

Anna Acklin, Jonathan Acklin, Brody Bowman, Saige Biglow, Bethany Whitman

2018 Graduates

Shelby Feeney, Seth Ward, Heather Goliver, Abby Johnston, Morgan Callahan, Kayla Mueller

2017 Graduates

Adrian Williams, Jaqueline Sweeney, Kiersten Kirkendall, Kaitlyn Sutton, Abigail Durst, Seth Hohlbein, Alexandria Bayliff, Madison Yingst, Abigail Hutchison

2016 Graduates

Brock Bowman, Brendan Draper, Alexandra Leopold, Brianna Swartz, Cassidy Newman, Austin Shellabarger

2015 Graduates

Lydia Shenk, Bethany Powell, Kelsey Kirkendall

2014 Graduates

Michaela Buettner, Alayna DeLeon