School Profile


School Information

  • Type: Private Christian
  • Grades: K4-12
  • Total Enrollment: 265
  • School Founded: 1976
  • Campus Size: 26 acres
  • Student/Teacher Ratio: 9 to 1 (average)
  • Average Class size: 16
  • Average years teaching experience: 13
  • CEEB Code: 362986
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About Us

Temple Christian School is a Christian, non-public school in Lima, Ohio. Our mission is to provide students a Christ-centered education, marked by excellence and grounded in Biblical truth. The Temple student body includes students from over 30 local churches and many area school districts. In addition, Temple has an international exchange student program, which hosts international students from various countries around the world. Temple is one of the leading schools in providing students access to technology. All middle school and high school students receive a computer as part of our one to one program, and all elementary students have access to computers in their respective classrooms. Temple students have opportunities to be involved in activities such as: fine arts, athletics, community service, student government, homecoming, and many others.

Academic Credit Requirements

  • Bible: 4 Credits
  • English: 4 Credits
  • Math: 4 Credits
  • Health: .5 Credit
  • Phys Ed: .5 Credit
  • Science: 3 Credits
  • Soc. Studies: 3 Credits
  • Fine Arts: 2 Credits
  • Electives: 4 Credits
  • Total Credits: 24 Credits
Grading Scale
100 - 93 A
92 - 90 A -
89 - 87 B +
86 - 83 B
82 - 80 B -
79 - 77 C +
76 - 73 C
72 - 70 C -
69 - 65 D
64 - 00 F
Temple Christian School Atmosphere
Athletics Student Government
Sports Camps Class Leadership
Community Service Projects National Honor Society
Spelling and Geography Bees Fellowship of Christian Athletes
Pep Band Homecoming
Praise Team Senior Night
Journalism Jr/Sr Banquet
Quill and Scroll Musicals and Plays
Enrichment Labs
Courses Offered at TCS
Art Courses 9th-12th Grade
Language Study Spanish I and Spanish II
Wellness and P.E. Health and P.E.
Technology College and HS
Language Arts English 9th-12th Grade
Mathematics Algebra I and II, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Applied Math, Statistics
Music Choir, Band
Science Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics
Social Studies US History, Economics, Government, World History, Contemporary, Psychology
Business Finance, Management, Accounting, Marketing, College Credit Classes
Bible 9th-12th Grade
Fine Arts Drama (Spring Semester), Journalism, Yearbook
Community Service Student Aides, Student Government, National Honor Society