Quality Affordable Education


Are you a Christian family and wish you could send your child to a Christian school? You may qualify for an EdChoice Scholarship which can cover your student's tuition up to 100%.

If you are a family of four making less than $66,000 annually, you qualify for an EdChoice Expansion Scholarship. Live in a qualifying school district? You too can qualify for an EdChoice Scholarship.

TCS High School students achieve higher GPAs than state averages

During 2015-2020 our high school students received a combined GPA of 3.55 for College Credit Plus courses compared to the state average of only 3.27.

EdChoice Traditional Scholarships

EdChoice traditional scholarships require families to live in a designated school district.

Some schools in the Allen county area include:

  • Lima North Middle School
  • Lima West Middle School
  • Unity Elementary School
  • Lima Senior High School

Temple is leading the way for education in the Lima/Allen County region, with a graduation rate of 100% (2016-2020).

At Temple Christian School your student receives more direct attention and support than you'll find in public schools. TCS boasts a higher teacher to student ratio (1:14) compared to the average public school in the state of Ohio.

EdChoice Expansion Scholarships

The EdChoice Expansion scholarship is a supplemental program to the traditional EdChoice program and is based on family income. Qualifying families can have tuition covered up to 100%.

2021-2022 Income Eligibility Requirements for EdChoice-Expansion
Number in Household Gross Annual Amount (250%) Gros Annual Amount (300%) Gros Annual Amount (400%)
1 $32,200 $38,640 $51,520
2 $43,550 $52,260 $69,680
3 $54,900 $65,880 $87,840
4 $66,250 $79,500 $106,000
5 $77,600 $93,120 $124,160
6 $88,950 $106,740 $142,320
7 $100,300 $120,360 $160,480
8 $111,650 $133,980 $178,640
Each additional add: $11,350 $13,620 $18,160

Do you have questions? Feel free to contact us directly by phone (419) 227-1644 or by email info@tcspioneers.org