Dress Code Policy

The goal of the TCS dress code policy is to provide a professional dress environment aligning to the school’s mission to create a climate in which every student learns.

Dress Code Requirements

  • School or sports team logos are not permitted (excluding TCS Booster Wear)
  • Clothing should not be excessively tight nor excessively oversized
  • Tattered, dirty, or torn clothing are not permitted
  • Solid colors only
  • Profanity, offensive language, illustrations, and sexual innuendos or references to alcohol, drugs, or tobacco are not permitted
  • Proper undergarments must be worn
  • Undergarments shall not be exposed or seen through clothing
  • No portion of the midriff or backside shall be exposed at any time
  • No outerwear shall be worn indoors
  • All female clothing such as shorts and dresses should not be more than three inches above the knees
  • Any special needs and/or variations to the TCS Dress Code must be approved by the administrator
  • Final interpretation and enforcement of the TCS Dress Code is at the discretion of the administration

*Check out the TCS Spirit Store for TCS Booster Wear (some TCS Booster Wear items have been approved as part of the TCS Dress Code)

*The full TCS Dress Code can be found in the TCS Handbook (pages 24-28)