Linda Kiser

Linda Kiser joined the Temple staff this year as the new elementary music teacher and leader of the high school praise team. She is married to Jerrod, who is also employed at Temple. Together they have six sons: Caleb, Isaiah, Adam, Ezekiel, Levi and Seth.

Mrs. Kiser previously taught in Temple’s daycare for four years and then worked as a teacher’s aide for one year. After that, she took a year off to be a stay-at-home mom and work as a substitute teacher.

Mrs. Kiser said what she enjoys most about her job is "getting to sing all the time." She also enjoys being able to be at school with her kids and see what they are involved in. She loves teaching kids how to worship and has a passion for music. The process of picking out songs, which includes lots of praying about and discussing song choices with other staff members, is also an aspect of the job that Mrs. Kiser enjoys. Her favorite thing to teach so far has been the music for the elementary Christmas program.

She says her favorite thing about music is getting to express herself through singing. Outside of singing and music, Mrs. Kiser also loves to scrapbook and play with her children. Her favorite food is curry noodles from Thai Jasmine.

Her favorite Bible verse is Acts 17:28a, “‘For in him we live and move and have our being.’”