Ethan Wright

Ethan Alan Wright is the son of Sam and Heidi Wright. He has three younger brothers, Hewitt, Nolyn, and Quinn. He was born in Lima in February 2005 and has attended Temple his entire life.

Throughout high school, Ethan has played baseball, basketball, soccer, and track and field for two years. In his junior and senior years, Ethan was awarded an honorable mention in soccer. His favorite subject in high school was world history.

If he could choose a superpower, Ethan would choose the force, like in Star Wars. His favorite animal is a dog, and his favorite food is fettuccine alfredo. If he could travel anywhere in the world, Ethan would choose to go to New Zealand.

When asked to describe his senior year, Ethan chose the word “relaxing.” His favorite memory from school was when a classmate put duct tape on his back and Ethan remained oblivious about it throughout the day. He said he will always remember "the numerous bloody noses" he would get in the middle of class.

Someone who has always inspired Ethan is Jonathan Acklin, a 2019 TCS graduate, who had always set such a great example.

Ethan’s favorite Bible verse is John 3:17, which reads, “For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.”

After graduating, Ethan will study information technology at UNOH in Lima.