Lizzie Helser.png

Elizabeth “Lizzie” Grace Helser was born on May 25, 2002 in Winchester, Virginia. Her parents are Katie and Jeff Helser. She has one younger sister, Elaina, who attends Temple Christian and one older brother, Jacob, who graduated from Temple. 

Lizzie has attended Temple since fourth grade, and for the last two years has been studying cosmetology at Apollo. At Temple she has participated in volleyball, track and basketball. During her junior year, she received an all-league honorable mention in volleyball. 

Outside of school, Lizzie enjoys knitting, baking, fishing, longboarding, and clearance shopping. Her favorite song is “Waymaker” by Michael W. Smith, and her favorite book is “True Spirituality” by Chip Ingram. A historical figure she really admires is Helen Keller. Her favorite food is pineapple and if she could travel anywhere it would be to a donut shop! One superpower she’d like to have is to fly. 

One thing she will always remember is when she learned how to play basketball last minute during her sophomore year when the basketball team needed an extra player. She advises underclassmen to “not be a part-time Christian who demands a full-time God.” 

Currently, Lizzie works at Beauty by Jill. Following graduation, Lizzie plans to move to Columbus and work as a hair stylist as well as continuing her education through a job there.

Congrats on your accomplishments, Lizzie! May God bless you as you transition into this new part of your life!