COVID-19 Statement

Good Evening:

The recent outbreak and spread of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) has prompted a lot of attention
across the globe and in our community. We encourage all of our families, students, and staff
members, as in any case, to take preventative measures, including proper hand washing,
covering coughs and sneezes, avoiding touching eyes, nose, and mouth, etc. to remain safe and
healthy in order to prevent communicable diseases and infections.

The administration and school board of TCS is monitoring reports from local agencies and
experts on the local, state, and national levels and have a plan in place should we have to shift
to web-based learning. Currently, a directive has not come from the state nor the Ohio
Department of Health prohibiting school attendance, but should a change of procedure or
schedule need to occur, we will update our families promptly at that time.

As always, everyone’s safety is of the utmost priority to us. As updates happen, we will post
those on our webpage and social media sites and continue to keep our families up-to-date on
any decisions being made. Thank you for trusting TCS with the continued education and safety
of your children.