The Educational Choice Scholarship (EdChoice) Program, allows students from underperforming public school districts the opportunity to attend select private schools like Temple Christian School. The information and resources below will help you determine your eligibility and how to apply for the EdChoice Scholarship.

Traditional EdChoice – Open July 1-31, 2019
  1. Go to the Ohio Department of Education website and review the eligibility requirements to determine if you are eligible. The EdChoice Fact Sheet may provide some helpful information as you review your eligibility for the scholarship program.
  2. Before you are able to apply for the scholarship, the Ohio Department of Education requires that the student be enrolled in a private school. Please complete this Application and return it to Temple Christian School. It will take 1-3 weeks to process your application. After it has been processed, the staff at TCS will walk you through the process of applying for EdChoice.

    • If you have any questions or need assistance contact us by email at or call our main office at 419-227-1644
    • Stop by our office between 8:00am to 3:15pm, Monday through Friday, or call to set up an appointment after normal office hours.

We are encouraged by what the State of Ohio is doing with the future of education. The Educational Choice program offers families who qualify an opportunity to receive a better, private education. Every child deserves a good education. At Temple Christian, we are part of that solution. The statistics show that a private education results in higher academic performance than in other schools. Temple has fewer problems with bullying, a higher teacher-to-student ratio per class, a great student retention rate, strong parent and student community service involvement, and much more. We would love the opportunity to serve your student and family. Take this opportunity and apply for an educational scholarship.